BJShea’s Board Game Alliance. Epi. 16
Record Date: July 2 2017
AIR DATE: July 4 2017
Host: “Director” Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Game Designer and Publisher: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers
Origins Awards Winners
Weave: Storytelling redefined.

Gaming Terms and Archetypes: “Revolutionary” Game Mechanics

Magic the gathering Richard Garfield
Modular boards
Deckbuilder: Dominion
Legacy: Risk, Pandemic
Cry Havoc: battle mechanic

Josh, Game of the Now: Outlive by La Boite de Jeu
Basic mechanics: Resource Management,
Theme: Post-Apocalyptic survival
Components: Standard all card board chits and meeple a, Deluxes edition minis and plastic resources
Value: Not yet available. True test of VASSEL’S LAW
Replay-ability: mid-high with variable set up

Ducklings – A Game About Parenting by Deck Head Games
A heart wrenching co-op game where you must work with a partner to waddle your three fragile ducklings to safety.
$20 base pledge
10k of their 8k goal
End July 28th…

Wendake by Post Scriptum
Native American themed strategy game of resource management and land control, with an innovative and unique action building system.
$49 game pledge
20k of their 13,700k goal
End July 20th

GameTek: The Book by Geoff Engelstein
Ten Years of GameTek: A book collecting the best GameTek segments from The Dice Tower podcast.
$10 digital $30 digital.
20k of their 13,700k goal
End July 20th

Click Click Boom by Thing 12 Games
A bluffing game of deception and russian roulette.
$18 digital $30 digital.
5.4k of their 7,000k goal
End July 10th…

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