BJGN 10-16-19 – Wu Assassins – Killjoys – Comic Books

BJ reviews the latest from the comics including Spider-Man and Fantastic Four; BJ discusses his thoughts on the series finale of Killjoys; BJ talks about the Netflix series Wu Assassins; Rev finds out exactly how much the special edition Infinity War Saga will cost; the gang discusses the upcoming Watchmen series on HBO; BJ gets excited for the return of Lost in Space; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance Ep.81: Oracle: A Game of Galactic Salvation

This week on BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance, the crew interview Bryon Corbett of Oracle: A Game of Galactic Salvation, then go into *Special Delivery* where they run down the recent Kickstarters that were recently received and if it was on time or not.  

BJGN 10-14-19 – Paul & Storm’s Sausage Party

Rev & BJ sit down with Lone Shark Games’ Mike Selinker and Trevor Kidd to talk about their new game, Paul & Storm’s Sausage Party; BJ reviews the board games on Kickstarter including Godspeed & Entropia; BJ discusses his first impressions of a new sci-fi show Emergence; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

BJGN 10-11-19 – Joker – The Walking Dead

Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach and runs down news from NYCC; the gang discusses the season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead; BJ & Vicky discuss the series finale of Preacher; the gang discusses (with NO SPOILERS) the Joker movie; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

BJGN 10-09-19 – EthanHD & Destiny City Comics

The gang is welcomed by special guest EthanHD! Ethan is an indie wrestler and geek who is trying to save his local comic book store, Destiny City Comics, in Tacoma; they discuss general nerddom, Ethan’s love for comics, and run down some comic book news including the most popular characters in the MCU!

BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance Ep.80: We’re Back with More Games

This week on BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance, the crew talk about upcoming events including Dice Fest and their Extra Life Plans with Zulu’s Board Game Cafe; then they talk board games by updating everyone on the recent games they’ve played including Era Medieval Age (by Matt Leacock Published by Eggertspiel), Black Angel (by Pearl Games), (OOP) King is Dead (by Osprey Games & designer Peer Sylvester) and more!

BJGN 10-07-19 – TMNT Costumes, Anime & More!

The gang discusses a TNMT costume up for auction, and the props they would most love to own; Rev runs down a list of anime to watch based on your D&D alignment; the gang discuss how MIT discovered that Magic: the Gathering is the worlds most complex game; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!