BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance Ep.88: Gearing Up for PAX Unplugged

The BGA crew talk about them going to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia this weekend; they discuss all the games they’ve recently played as well as some games Vicky B has recently seen on store shelves she is curious about, then they go into some more *Quickerstarters*! 

BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance Ep.87: Upgrades and Updates

The BGA crew run down a few *Special Deliveries* they recently received from Kickstarters they’ve backed; they then talk about Ticket to Ride getting an “upgrade” with the help of Alexa; they also talk how Tapestry by Stonemaier and Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein by Plaid Hat get updates to make game play better, then they wrap it all up with an interview with President of Calliope Games Ray Wehrs about their latest Kickstarter: Station Master which is an update on the classic card game!