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The Pacific North West gives us so many beautiful things, from gorgeous mountains, tall and stoic evergreen trees, and a vast ocean coast, to diverse tasty foods, a wonderful music scene (both old and new), but also. . .


Western Washington state specifically is home to many nerd havens for us to enjoy, so both Joey Deez and I put together the local places you need to put on your nerd bucket list.


~Vicky :



West Seattle – Seattle, Wa 


I’ve been here on a few occasions and I love it. It brings back the 90’s nostalgia of hanging in your friend’s basement, playing games into the night and having a great time.

Not only do they have arcade games and pinball machines, they also have board games, game consoles like the Game Cube, and PC games!

Oh, and did I mention, its +21 so you can enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage as you game! Everything is free to play (except pinball)!



Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics

Lacey, WA

If you ever get the chance, or have met Gabi, she is the sweetest thing ever! Not only is this a huge comic book shop, it’s also a place to buy and play games! They have plenty of Magic the Gathering tournaments and other gaming events and the do many things for charity and their community!



AFK Tavern

Everett, Wa 


AFK Tavern isn’t just an eatery, or a bar, or even just a place to play games, it’s all of that and more! They are ran by their online community where over 20 thousand people connect with them each week. Want to host a party or have a special diet, they have you covered with all that too!


Gamma Ray Games and The RAYGUN Lounge

Capitol Hill – Seattle, WA


They always seem to have events going on during cons which are a ton of fun! Tasty drinks, pinball machines, and great ambiance, it’s worth a drop in while in Capitol Hill! 


Funko HQ 

Finally, one of the coolest places to wander around and spend your entire paycheck is Funko! We have all seen and probably own a Funko Pop! or two, but this is the motherland! Imagine a theme park with no rides and plenty of amazing things to look at and buy! You can even sit in a Batmobile which is a replica of a toy version!





Down Town Seattle – Seattle, WA


Quite possibly the greatest arcade ever, this multi-level mecca of madness has everything a gamer could want. Shooters, racers, air hockey, ticket games; I could go on forever. You can literally find something for everyone at this place. When I was younger I would play the ticket games for hours trying to save enough points to get a brand new game system. Unfortunately my eye-hand coordination wasn’t the best back then and I often settled for candy instead. Nowadays, I grab a burger and beer in their restaurant (that’s right, they have food) then hit up the Time Crisis machine to try and save the world! Make sure you check out their package deals and happy hour to get the bang for your buck!


Café Mox 

Ballard – Seattle, WA and Bellevue, WA

If you like booze and board games, you’ve come to the right place. Café Mox is fantastic fusion of gaming and drinking where you can enjoy tasty food and delightful drinks all trying to save the world from danger! Mox does a great job setting the standard for gaming centers in the PNW with their giant place space, variety of games, and friendly staff. People of all ages are welcome and they even have great private rooms in case you want to throw….oh I don’t know…..a birthday party? This place is freaking awesome!


Verne and Wells

Kirkland, WS

A country club for Geeks, literally. You pay a monthly fee to a member and let me tell you, if you’re a hardcore gamer, it’s totally worth it. They’ve got an extensive collection of board games, a full stocked video game room, a bunch of snacks and a whole lot space. You get 24 hour access and you can reserve spaces ahead of time. It’s like a VIP club for gamers. I know BJ and friends have spent a lot of time slaying goblins and solving mysteries at Verne and Wells. I ate way too many peanut M&M’s the last time I was there hahaha!




Northgate – Seattle, WA and Tacoma, WA

If you’re looking for a geeky gift for the significant other in your life, look no further. I don’t know how they do it, but Think Geek always has that perfect gift that you couldn’t think, sitting there right on the shelf. That’s right! It’s not just an online store. They have several brick and mortar stores; one which happens to be right next to my apartment (not good for my bank account). Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, I highly recommend taking a look around. That way, if a geeky friend you know is looking for a gift to give someone, you’ll have the perfect suggestion!



BJ Shea’s House 


The best kept secret in Seattle! The Shea household has become a home away from home for many geeks who want a more relaxed and family-like atmosphere for their board game excursions. Radio host by day, board game enthusiast by night, BJ does it all. Snacks, drinks and the occasional delivery pizza, you can’t go wrong spending a day with the Shea. Just make sure you bring your gaming pants, these games can go long into the night! I



Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B and Joey Deez Out!

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