BJGN 01-30-19 – Scorpius Freighter – Ralph Breaks the Internet

Scott from Comics Dungeon gives his comic book recommendations for the week; BJ & Chris review the board game Scorpius Freighter; Vicky reviews Ralph Breaks the Internet; the gang runs down a list of the comic book movies that have gotten Oscar nominations (and some that have won!); and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

Comic Book TV Shows You’ll Want to Watch (And Read!)

Vicky’s Nerdy N Dirty Blog

This last 7 days have been nothing but binge watching for me. The Punisher season 2 dropped last Friday on Nextflix and have since watched all 13 episodes! I also just finished watching Runawaysseason 2 last night, both of these shows were fantastic. (I also binged the newest season of Grace and Frankie but don’t worry about that.)


Usually the sequel or second season of anything ends up being disappointing but Jon Bernthal brings it with the fight scenes, his intensity, and ability to make this comic book character realist and relatable. Runaways has pulled away from the comics, but I am loving what they are doing and seeing all the little “Easter Egg Nods” to the comic from the picture peep hole or outfits.


Are you craving some more comics to read through or shows to binged? Want something a little less mainstream? We got you covered!

The official trailer just dropped for The Umbrella Academy! Written by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance), this book will be sure to confuse you, but I promise you, it’s a great read with amazing art (by Gabriel Bá). If you are too confused, trust me, read it twice and you will love it (I know I did)!

The Boys 

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are at it again bringing another Garth Ennis creation to the television! First it was Preacher, now the next series is The Boys!

This is one of the most eff-ed up comic book series I have ever read…and that is what makes it great. Not for the faint of heart!

Fun Fact: The main character Wee Huey is drawn to look like Simon Pegg, (before he was this big famous star) and eventually he wrote the forward to their trade!

Release Date: Summer 2019 


Deadly Class

School for assassins? Epic 80’s soundtrack? Count us in! A few episodes are out already for your enjoyment!

Release Date: Out now!


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B

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