BJ & Migs were talking recently about going on a cruise, BJ even heard about the Official Star Trek Cruise and suggested that we should all go together (I’m in, you know I’m in).

Everybody talking about cruises made it sound like none of them had actually ever done it.  I have.  It’s pretty great.

A cruise is a vacation where you get to go to a bunch of different places, but your hotel comes with you.  And everything’s taken care of!  Food? Check. Room? Check. Entertainment? Check. Booze? If you’re old enough, check!

And that was just a regular old Caribbean cruise.  The Star Trek cruise sounds a whole lot more interesting to me, gigantic geek that I am, so I decided to go a little further down that particular rabbit hole and see if I couldn’t find some other cruises that might appeal to my particular obsessions.  I was not disappointed.

First, the Official Star Trek cruise:  This thing has a ton of Trek actors, a couple of Trek-themed bands, and tons of Trekkie activities!

Next, the Doctor Who themed cruise:  Advertising not only a cruise ship that’s bigger on the inside (TARDIS reference), but also close, personal interaction between the celebs and the fans together as we see the sights, take the tours, enjoy the activities, craft the creative workshops, share the stimulating dinner conversations, and hop the bars, both shipboard and ashore, in a way that’s only possible in a limited size private group sharing an extended vacation together on a full sized modern cruise ship.  AND, this one sets sail from Seattle!  Allons-y!

Then, I found the one that Steve mentioned, and it sounds spectacular:  The Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea!  Here’s the quote from the site – “Who better than Chris Jericho to introduce a brand new experience to you – Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea is sailing from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, October 27-31, 2018! The Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea is Y2J’s visionary take on combining the worlds of rock and wrestling, with a once in a lifetime amazing vacation experience. On this breakthrough holiday adventure, you’ll enjoy live band performances, outrageous artist-hosted activities and a Sea of Honor Tournament with over a dozen wrestlers competing on an outdoor wrestling ring. Jump aboard Norwegian Jade aka The Ship of Jericho … and sail away maaan!”

If Steve comes with us on the Star Trek cruise, we have to go with him on CJRNWRAS!  That’s a thing, seriously.

Hopefully, the next time you hear about this, it’ll be because we’ve booked the show on one of these awesome cruises!

That’s all for now, anchors aweigh!

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