Hosts: Uncle Chris & Brandon Jerwa

March 1981


Mar 2 Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WWDC in Washington, D.C.

Mar 6 Soyuz 39 returns to Earth

Mar 6 After a 19-year run, Walter Cronkite resigns as main anchorman of The CBS Evening News and is succeeded the next Monday by Dan Rather.

Mar 10 “Bette Davis Eyes” single released by Kim Carnes (Billboard Song of the Year 1981)

Mar 24 “Nightline with Ted Koppel” premieres on ABC

Mar 30 US President Ronald Reagan is shot and wounded in an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr.; three others are also wounded. News coverage is massive, and the Academy Awards are pushed back a day as a result.

MUSIC: Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

TV: Greatest American Hero

MUSIC: Believe It Or Not, Joey Scarbury (first and only album, America’s Greatest Hero)

21 March – After an unprecedented seven years starring in Doctor Who, Tom Baker makes his final appearance as the Fourth Doctor in Part 4 of Logopolis. Peter Davison makes his first appearance as the Fifth Doctor at the conclusion of that story.

MUSIC: Keep On Lovin’ You, REO Speedwagon

Marvel takes notice of the growing direct market and produces a title specifically for comic shops — Dazzler #1 sells 400,000 copies.

John Byrne and Terry Austin leave The Uncanny X-Men with issue 143 being their last.

MUSIC:  9 TO 5, Dolly Parton

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