Host: Uncle Chris of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


1. Kickstarter


Title: Alexandria

Company: Ludicreations (Among the Stars, Redacted, And then w held hands)


Asymmetrical 2-4p game about salvaging the great library of Alexandria before everything burns to the ground. Uses a random tile based setup that makes each game different.


Base pledge: $29 / $49 deluxe with wood tokens

Funding Goal: $45k of 20k

Ends Sept 29



Title: Vikings Gone Wild – Masters of Elements expansion

Company: Lucky Duck Games


Gods, elemental effects, powerful artifacts, and more unit cards. Built around combo creation.


Base pledge: $35

Funding Goal: $75k of 10k

Ends Sept 11



Title: Dawn of the Archmage

Company: Solarflare Games (Nightmare Forrest)


Asymmetrical 2-4p minis-based game about Controlling monsters, and powerful spells to attack and defeat other players.


Base pledge: $69

Funding Goal: $13k of 30k

Ends August 30




2. GenCan’t

Cosmic Comics & Games in Centralia


SOL by Elephant Labs, Rat Fink by Cohort Games, Levi Mote, Beth Sobel, Kitten Klash by Alice Davis, Fantastic Factories, Late Night Table Top


3. GenCon


5. Bunny Kingdom: from Iello and Richard Garfield.

4. The Expanse: From WizKids and Geoff Engilstien Remeber the Cant.

3. Too Many Bones: From Chip Theroy Games, Dice building RPG!

2. Mountains of Madness From Iello, We all go insane!

1. Wasteland Express Delivery Service from Pandasauras so much awesome!


Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay by Panda Cult Games


Batman the Board Game by Monolith using the Conan engine. Minis look amazing


Fantasy Flight games

Star Wars Rebellion Rise of the Empire, release date 8/31/2017


Leder Games

Deep: Enemy Frontier kickstarter coming in early 2018


Board Game Geek list of GenCon top 50 –

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