Host: “Director” REBECCA Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Dice tower awards

Monocle Society announced its partnership with war room and war machine to use “The Rules” for all there gaming goodness.
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Josh: Alien Frontiers, Anachrony, Terraforming Mars & Burkes Gambit (Fail)
Chris: Clank, Sol: Last Days of a Star, Elder Sign
Sean:  Word Slam, Monopoly Gamer

Con report with Sean

August 5th – 6th
MaricopaCon 2017 (Phoenix, AZ) 

August 17-20th
Gencon (Indianapolis, IN)

August 25th – 27th
Dragonflight Con (Bellevue, WA) 

September 1st – 4th
PAX West (Seattle, WA) 

September 30th – October 1st
Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA) 

October 21st – 22nd
Ge2 (Seattle, WA)

October 21st – 22nd
Central City Comic Con (Yakima, WA) 

“The Question”
“What is your favorite game with a “take that” mechanic?”

“Maneuvers that directly attack an opposing player’s strength, level, life points or do something else to impede their progress, while usually providing the main engine for player interaction in the game. Usually used in card games, where single unforeseen card plays can cause huge swings in player progress or power.”

Game of the Now: Century Spice Road by Plan B Games
Basic mechanics: Trade up
Theme: buying and selling spices
Components: Cards, metal coins and cubes
Value: 30
Replay-ability: mid-high

Kickstart My Art with Sean:

Firelight: The Questing Card Game by Hobby Horse Games
A 2-4p card-based role-playing game for players of all experience levels, with 5-minute setup & great artwork. Play complete 5-act stories within a 60-100 minute setting.
$30 base pledge
7.7k of their 11.2k goal
Ends August 10th…

Epoch: The Awakening by Orange Nebula
A highly strategic, fantasy-themed game for 2-5 players, with resource management and area control as the primary mechanics. Play time is 15-30 minutes per player.
$54 base pledge
40k of their 29.7k goal
Ends August 10th…

Founders of Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres
A stand-alone city building board game of tile placement and action selection, set in the world of Gloomhaven. They are working out stretch goals.
$49 pledge (only one)
202k of their 50k goal
End August 10th…

Star Realms Frontiers by White Wizard Games
The latest space-themed deckbuilding set.
$20 base pledge, $30 for the base + promos and unlocks
349k of their 100k goal
End August 10th…

Who Goes There by Certifiable Studios (makers of Endangered Orphans)
A semi-co-operative game for 3-4 players, expandable to 6. 90-120 min game time. This is a survival game, with a license from John Carpenter’s The Thing…so there is a hidden role aspect. Players don’t start off as an alien, but someone will be infected at some point. Will they reveal or hide out and try and infect others. Yes Josh, this includes minis. 🙂 WHOO-HOO MINIS
$59 base pledge
163k of their 54k goal
End August 8th….

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