BJShea’s Board Game Alliance. Epi. 15

Host: “Director” Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Special Guest Host: Patrick Day from Uncles Games and ETX

Lilac city comic con report from Chris, ETX Report from Patrick

Alliance Distribution deal with Asmodee…


Diana Jones award Gaming’s biggest prize,…


THE QUESTION – “What is the game you most wish you could play more than you do?”

Kickstarter –

Lords of Hellas by Awaken Realms (This War of Mine) Fantasy-based territory control game with adventure elements and really impressive minis. $106 for base pledge ~1.2M of 38k goal Ends on 7/12

Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares by Fox Tale Games… Press your luck dice-placement game, where you roll to escape nightmares…or become one and terrorise your friends! Includes 80 custom dice, and plays in under 30 minutes! (reminds me a bit of Roll Player) $29 for base pledge 18k of 11k goal Ends on 7/18

Galactic Warlords: Battle for Dominion by Archons Games… card-driven game of tactical deployment and planet control Art by The Mico $58 for base pledge 11k of 24.8k goal Ends on 7/11

Josh’s Face Working on some great stretch goals


NEW THING ALERT: Follow us on twitter @realomegagamers @walklikeaflan @thing12games of course @BJGeeknation to be part of the show! We will let you know when you can call in and participate in “Question” or if you have something you want to ask us about board games! Make sure your Twitter notifications are on, we want to hear from you!

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