Host: Chris “Director WalkLikeAFlan” Walker

Chief Game Player:  Josh Utley with The Omega Gamers

Designer/Salesman/Professional Kickstarter Backer:  Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games


THE QUESTION: “Hype: What game did NOT live up to it, and why?”


Anachrony by Mind Clash Games

Designer: David Turczi, Viktor Peter and Richard Amann

Basic mechanics: Worker Placement, 1-player Chronobots, Doomday module. Commander pack comes with The guardians of the council and The pioneers of new earth modules.

Theme: Sci-Fi with Time travel

Components: Cardboard Chits and tokens. Minis with the commander pack

Value:$59.00 $40 for commander pack, but for what you get it is amazing


Sean Kickstarter

H.E.A.D. Hunters…

Table top skirmish game that is part toy part game.

10.3k of 40k

$22 for base set, $40 for 2, $80 for 4.

Funko are $11-$20

End on June 22nd


Roll Player: Monster and Minions Expansion…


A 1-5p, 1-2 hours

A dice-driven Euro game around creating a D&D-style character.  Various races and classes. Did marginally well on Kickstarter but blew up in retail.

171k of 65k

$39 for expansion, $89 for base game plus expansion.

End on June 15th


Badlands: Outpost of Humanity by Jet Game Studios…


A 1-4p post apocalyptic strategy game. Strong Mad Max feel. Unique player powers, weaponized vehicles, mutant creatures, development, trading and combat.

Vehicle Minis upgrades will be available during pledge manager

9.6k of 28k

$55 for base pledge

End on June 23rd


Street Masters Rise of the Kingdom…


A 1-4p co-op street gang game that mixes minis (65 of them!) with card play. Kind of a street fighter arcade game vibe in the play and art style. Designed by the designers of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game.

Vehicle Minis upgrades will be available during pledge manager

28.5k of 60k

$89 for base pledge  $109 for the base + exclusive Oni expansion which adds more maps tiles, stages, and 17 more figs

End on June 23rd


Osprey Adrift by Plucky Robot…


4-12 player hidden role game of Pirates lost at sea. Players need to find out who the cannibals are, and make them walk the plank.


Click Click Boom…


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