We take a trip under the sea, way out west, and down into the dungeons on this jam-packed episode of your Board Game Alliance!


Host: Director “Walk like a flan” Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


Evergreen Tabletop Expo (ETX) June 3-4, 2017 Seattle, WA  http://etxwa.com/


Lilac City Comicon Spokane, WA June 3rd and 4th  http://lilaccitycomicon.webs.com


Go Play NW July 7-9, 2017 Seattle, WA http://www.goplaynw.org


Josh: Arcadia Quest Inferno

Chris: Deus: Egypt

Sean: Oceanos


Family gaming:

HeroQuest, Mice and Mystics


INTERVIEW: Patrick Leder from Leder Games about VAST


The Question: “What is the game you would most like to seek updated to modern gaming standards?”


GAME OF THE NOW!!: GREAT WESTERN TRAIL by Stronghold Games “Great Designer series”

Desinger: Alexander Pfister (Broom Service, Isle of Skye)

Basic mechanics: Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Tile Placement.

Theme: Moving cattle from texas and selling them in Kansas City

Components: Wood Meeples, Cards and Tiles and chits

Value: $69.00

Replay-ability: With Variable set up med-high repalability


Chris “CLASSIC” game: Stratego



War of the Nine Realms – by Wotan Games



2-4p tacticle skirmish game based on Norse mythology themes. 4 base Realms, each with asymmetric powers and abilities. SG minis

$4200 of $6400 goal

$52 for base pledge.

Ends June 18th


Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder by Beardy Brothers



A 1-5p dungeon crawler where players play as Orcs. Solo mode, co-op mode, and competitive treachery mode with options Overlord play. 4 different factions, each with unique skills. Custom dice, cool dungeon tiles and great art. No minis because it’s their first project.

21k of 28k

$39 for base set

End on June 17th


Tiny Swords: Smaaash by Brian Wolf



A Smash Brothers-esque style combat game, in the Tiny Swords universe. Super cute art, with bright pastel colors. Very unique look.

$30 for the base pledge

$45 for base + copy of Tiny Swords

7500k of 17k

End on June 11th


Village of Legends by Pelotology



A fantasy-themed deckbuilder with unique wood-cut style art. Interesting mechanism of using weapons you acquire for gold…but you lose those items from your deck. Also features drinking beer to “rage” as a mechanic.

$22 for the base pledge

$51 for base + expansions

7k of 3k

End on June 18th


NEW THING ALERT: Follow us on twitter @realomegagamers @walklikeaflan @thing12games of course @BJGeeknation to be part of the show! We will let you know when you can call in and participate in the “Question” or if you have something you want to ask us about board games! Make sure your Twitter notifications are on, we want to hear from you!



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