Games, games, GAMES!  We have a ton of games to discuss this week, and a ton of happenings, too!  What’s a 4X game?  How cool are board games on Mars?  What game “lived up to the hype”?  All of this and more in episode 12 of your Board Game Alliance!


MOX Gauntlet Infinity May 21 –

BA-Con this weekend May 13 – 


“Rules Lawyer” to be named “The Rules” – Kyle Kinkade with Monocle Society


Deception murder in Hong Kong expansion – Grey Fox Games


Games played:

Sean: Stone Age –

Hero Realms –


Chris: Mission Red Planet –

Dragonfire –

MOX Gauntlet games – Caylus

Ponzi Scheme

Captain Sonar


Josh: Forbidden Stars –

Argent the Consortium –…


The Question “Hype: What game lived up to it, and why?”


WISHES Grand Opening at the Alderwood mall Saturday the 13th –


Gaming Terms and Archetypes


EXPLORE: means players send scouts across a map to reveal surrounding territories.

EXPAND: means players claim new territory by creating new settlements, or sometimes by             extending the inf luence of existing settlements.

EXPLOIT: means players gather and use resources in areas they control, and improve the efficiency of that usage.

EXTERMINATE: means attacking and eliminating rival players. Since all territory is eventually claimed, eliminating a rival’s presence can be the only way to achieve further expansion.


Some of the best (and longest) games like TWILIGHT IMPERIUM 3RD and ECLIPSE, but recently games as short as 20 min with UNIVERSAL RULE


TERRAFORMING MARS by Stronghold Games – 

Desinger: Jacob Fryxelius

Basic mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Tile Placement and

Variable Player Powers

Theme: Terraform Mars by building and engine of cards and actions to increase the temperature, place oceans and increase the oxygen leval of mars. 

Components: Plastic cubes, crardboard chits and cards

Value: $62.00

Replay-ability: High, so many card combonations and starting “companys”




Take the Gold – by Card Lords 

2-6 player card-based game with pirate cats, korgi and alligator ship captains, fighting for treasure while avoiding the kraken. Plays in 5-10 minutes, with ADORABLE and very well done art. Creators of “Battle Goats” the goat character battling game (which you can also get via their KS).

6k of 4k goal

$12 for base game pledge

Ends May 25th


Barbarians: The Invasion – by Tabula Games…

1-4p Barbarian themed worker-placement game of invasion and domination. Demons, gods, combat, and a unique shifting volcano that controls resource gathering placement.

65k of 32k goal

$50 base pledge (wood version) – $85 for the minis version with 80 minis.

Ends May 24th

(Josh: I love the “volcano” and MINIS)


Ivion: Fighting Game + Card Game (pronounced iiiv-ee-on) – by Luminary Games…

1-v-1 or 2-v-2 fantasy-themed card battler, that uses dice to control how many actions and resources you have available to play your cards.  Some cards are left out through the game as a thing you have access to. A board of cards create a terrain field to move around as well.

7.5k of 19k total

$60 for base pledge – 892 cards, 24 dice, 6 character figs, & storage tray

Ends May 25th


One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows – by Asmadi Games…

Follow up to their previous hit (7.6 on BGG).

1-2 player game (3-4 if you get 2 copies) with more heroes, dungeons, combats and perils. You can also get a balance fix for the original. Works on its own or mix it with the original. All female cast (which was the subject of some derision). Can also get a “plastic card” version.

115k of 20k goal

$20 for base game pledge

Ends May 16th


Clans of Caledonia – by Juma Al-JouJou…

1-4 player “Game about Whisky, Trade, and Glory” in 19th century Scotland. An engine-building euro game of strategy and economy. Tons of wooden pieces, bright colored player boards and game components, unique clan abilities, and a modular board.

150k of 32k goal

$42 for base game pledge

Ends May 18th

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