BJ’s Board Game Alliance Episode 11

“How did Board Games change you life?”

International Tabletop Day April 29





MISSION RED PLANET, by Fantasy Flight Games.

HELDENTAUFE, by Board Game Circus.


Brass by Roxley Games & Martin Wallace

Heavy Euro economic strat game. Roxley did Santorini and Wallace did Age of Steam, Discworld AnhkMorpork, A Study in Emerarld, and many more.

$59 for each base or $100 for both.

$290k of $60k – ends May 10…


King’s Champion

Card-based Worker Placement and Jousting mixing Euro and Amerithrash themes. Uses dice but no bad rolls.

Talon Strike Studios

$23 for base

19k of 15k funded – ends Fri 4/28


Centauri Saga: Season 1

Vesuvius Media

Sci-Fi, 4X, Co-op, Legacy with ship minis

$45 base Legacy expansion

$95 core + Legacy expansion

75k of 15k- ends 4/29…


Rise to Nobility

Final Frontier Games

Worker placement where players fight to become the lord of the realm. Art by The Miko (Valeria games)

$49 base game

$178k of 19k – ends May 2nd