BGA talks about their guilty pleasure games, rage-quitting, and still manage to interview a couple of actual gaming professionals!

“Guilty Pleasure What is the one game you love but nobody else appreciates?”

INTERVIEW: Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games The king of Kickstarter (Viticulture, Euphoria, Scythe, Charterstone, resource treasure boxes).

Table Flip or Rage Quit: What was your lowest gaming moment, and what did you learn?

Game of the Now: Arcadia Quest Inferno by CMON

The Grimm Forest – by Druid City Games
2-4p fable themed game with players as pigs racing to building houses.
130k of 35k goal – ends April 14
$49 base pledge…
(Comments: I like the art reminds me of golden book, and of course the unique componets are amazing)

Clash of Steel – by Sigil Stone
2p medieval dueling card game of physical battle
14k of 5k goal – ends April 15th
$12 base / $32 for base + Playmat…

Aeons End: War Eternal expansion – by IBC
1-4p fantasy themed co-op deck builder. Really unique deck system. 8.1 on BGG
Expansion adds more heroes, more nemesis creatures, and upgrades to previous set.
$182k of 30k goal – ends April 20
$65 for expansion / $130 for base + expansion…

Smiths of Winterforge – by Table Tyrant Games (relaunch)
2-5p competitive dwarven blacksmithing. Worker placement, resource gathering,
7.5k of 14.5k goal – ends April 24th
$39 for base…
(Comments: Metal money!!! IN AND IN AGAIN)

Dicey Peaks- by Calliope Games (Roll for It, Tsuro) designed by Scott Almes (Tiny Epic series, Harbour, Martian Dice)
2-6p competitive race up the top of a mountain.
5k of 15k goal – ends April 22nd
$26 for base $36 for deluxe

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