BJGN03-30-17 – Special Ops – Channel Zero

It’s Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris Walker! Rev reads a listener email; Mark discusses the government being able to sell your personal information; they discuss the latest Justice League & Spider-Man trailers; Mark & Chris review the SyFy show Channel Zero; and Walker hypes his upcoming project with Brandon Jerwa!

BJ’s Board Game Alliance Episode 9

Wizkids – The Expanse –


Patrick Day from Uncles Games  –  and ETX 2017



Village Attacks – by Grimlord Games 1-5p co-op tower defense, where you play the bad guys.

$377k of 90k goal – ends April 2nd Base pledge 80 pounds = 99.76 US

The Pursuit of Happiness: Community – by Artipia Games (Dice City & Among the Stars fame) 1-4p ages 12+ Like a modern version of Life, with some light worker placement elements, where you play out a characters life from birth to death. 7.4 on BGG Expansion adds 5th player plus more to do. $60k of 15k goal – ends April 7 $30 for expansion / $75 for base + expansion

Dragoon Expansion- by Lay Waste Games 2-4p Area control game playing as dragons destroying towns and gaining areas through fear. 7.6 on BGG $137k of 14k goal – ends April 11 $30 for base expansion (plastic) / $125 for ultimate base + expansion

Cauldron Master – by Alley Cat Games 2-4p competitive set collection game about witches building potions. 11k of 5k goal – ends March 29th 12 pounds = $15 base