Josh, Sean, and Chris talk a little about the convention world, run down some recently played games, revisit a classic, and give you the ‘heads-up’ for some cool new games on Kickstarter!

Extra-life: Nov 5, 25 hours of gaming for charity

Lords of Waterdeep, Scoundrels of Skullport

Cry Havoc by Portal Games.
Basic mechanics: area control, Asymmetrical powers.
Theme: Sci-fi (avatar).
Components: heavy cardboard, minis.
Value: $57-$75
Replayability: Skill cards, and different draw decks, Mid-High

100 Swords – Season 2 by Labratory Games
Easy to learn deck building game, with great Cartoon Network style art. Super nice guys. Already funded, working on SGs
$14 for the base pledge. – ends on Nov 18th

The Warriors: Turf War by Silly Kid Games
Minis-based gang combat in the Warriors cinematic world. 2k away from funding with 2 weeks to go.
$80 for base pledge – ends on Nov 11th
Josh comments: painted minis, gang boxes are cool

Home By Dark by Protagonist Inudstries
A Stranger Things inspired story based game, like Fiasco.
$10 for pdf copy, $30 for printed copy – ends Nov 18th…
Josh comment: great gateway into rpg’s

Deep Madness by Diemension Games (pronounced DIE-mension)
Co-op minis-based underwater themed game with amazing cthulhu-inspired monsters. Undead Viking played this and was incredibly impressed. 600+% funded working on lots of stretch goals.
$100 for base pledge which gets you 142 minis – ends Nov 11th

Tiki Island by Great Wight Games
Simple to learn island themed game where players try to get to safety while avoiding island catastrophes. Excellent eye-catching art that is approachable by lots of player ages and types. 65% funded.
$38 for base pledge –  with 21 days to go

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