by Sasha Glenn

Tarantino has accomplished something I have always thought impossible, created a bad Samuel L. Jackson film. It’s unfortunate, but despite all of the hype and build up for the release of Tarantino’s latest film, I was unable to enjoy the experience no matter how hard I tried.

Film is supposed to transport the audience to another place and time. The fact that the plot of “The Hateful Eight” mostly unfolds during a blizzard in a small cabin makes it a film which relies heavily on the development of its characters and the relationships between them. If this is done well, the audience can become entranced by the story.

But it is a very disappointing lack of character depth that makes the story fall flat. Many people will sit back completely prepared to let Tarantino take them on yet another adventure filled with gore, creativity, and depth. Yet, for many, that moment will never come.

The film starts out with an artistic introduction and some beautiful scenery, but then continues along at a slugs pace. The underdeveloped characters’ recite choppy and unconvincing lines. Samuel L. Jackson delivers his classic sharp tongued speech in the fashion which usually builds up to one of his great freak out moments. But this time, the buildup leads to nothing.
The plot, while attempting to catch the audience by surprise, waits too long and fails at this task as well. Sure, there is some gore of course. However, nothing like the infamous cringe-worthy scenes of Tarantino’s past work.

Personally, I was never fully consumed, and was left trying to enjoy the film out of a feeling of necessity. But no matter how much of a cinematic master Tarantino has proven to be over the years, it is undeniable that this just isn’t his best work.

I give “The Hateful Eight” 2.75 stars. But I really, really did, want to give it five.

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