Are you a fan of James Bond? What do you consider to be his best movie? While this answer may vary, there is a strong majority of fans that laud Casino Royale as the best ever made.
It all started in 1953 when Ian Fleming first published his infamous spy story, a move which eventually led to the longest continually running franchise in the history of movies. But, it would take almost half a century before fans would say that that this spy story finally got a big screen adaption that lives up to the hype.

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When the production company behind the franchise, Eon Productions, first gained the rights to Ian Fleming’s novels and the James Bond character, they didn’t receive the introductory novel Casino Royale. So, as a consequence, they adapted the iconic Dr. No as the very first Bond movie.

All of this happened because Fleming sold the rights to his first 007 novel separately from the adaptation rights for the following 13 Bond books that eventually landed in the hands of the decision makers at Eon Productions.

Before it hit the big screen, two adaptation of Casino Royale:
** The first was a televised play where James was turned into Jimmy Bond, an American pitted against the criminal gambler LeChiffre

** The second adaptation was a campy, celebrity-cameo filled satirical film starring Ursula Andress and David Niven.

Finally, in 1999, Eon Productions was finally able to gain the rights that allowed them to adapt the original James Bond novel for the big screen But, it wasn’t until 2004 that they started this process in earnest, pegging Piers Brosnan for the leading role.

But, after the debut of the campy, but financially successful, Die Another Day, it was decided that the role needed to be recast, in an effort to reboot the franchise. This was despite the fact that the film achieved a moderate amount of critical success. Many said that it felt ridiculous and dated, especially when considering the terrorist attacks that occurred during the time it was released. The weight of the looming threats helpedd to dramatically change the public’s perception of espionage and war.

The change from Piers Brosnan to Daniel Craig proved to be a great decision and Casino Royale went on to become what some would consider to be the best Bond film ever created.


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