By now there are very few people who have not seen the full trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens which took social media by storm shortly after it appeared.

Naturally everyone has their theories as to what the barrage of images really mean and are convinced they have figured out key points of the story and know what is in store.

I am confident that there will be plenty of surprises still to come as several characters still have not been seen in the trailers so we still have to learn how they will fit in the overall story arch.

With that in mind, here are five things that I took from the trailer.

#1 There are still idiots in the galaxy who think they can outfly Han Solo. I mean seriously, a guy who is insane enough to fly his ship into the structural remains of a Star Destroyer as well as an Asteroid Field and still they try especially when chasing him in a flying eggshell.

#2  If Rey is indeed the product of Han and Lei, she sure looks like her Grandmother and seems to have the same intensity and raw emotion of her mother, as well as an ability to shoot strait. This is a bad combination for The First Order.

#3  Finn seems to be a very tormented and conflicted soul. If he is indeed Force Sensitive as we have been lead to believe, I could see how he was walking the path between Light and Dark and it takes a traumatic event or “Awakening” for him to see the light and realize that he cannot serve the forces of The First Order, and likely seems what the Order of  Ren has in mind and flees.

#4  Someone is going to die. Rumors of it being Han have been around for ages, but Rey is clearly distraught over the image of a person on their side, which may be Chewbacca as a Bandolier does indeed appear to be present in the image from a certain point of view.

#5  The look and scope of the film is going to be epic as JJ Abrams has appeared to craft the splendor of the original trilogy as well as the wonder without going nuts on CGI.  The film has amazing visuals and scale but does not see the need to clutter every ounce of space with some sort of digital creation or enhancement.

Honorable mention, Kylo Ren seems to have some serious identity issues, dare I say Grandfather issues?


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The Force Is Strong With This Group

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