Those lovable and mischief filled Minions are back and this time they have a new solo adventure that chronicles their history.

The film chronicles the minions through the ages as they have followed their compulsion to find a master to serve which always results in hilarious misfortune for the Masters.

After a recent setback, the Minion tribe takes refuge in an ice cave and builds their society over the passing years. Unfortunately, depression seeks in as the Minions are missing their basic drive and as such, an inspired member named Kevin decides he will venture out to find a new Master for them to follow.

Kevin is joined by Stuart and Bob and after a long trip; they find themselves in New York in 1968. Of course the city that never sleeps is an ideal place for them to get into all sorts of mischief and also allows them to view and underground television broadcast promoting a Villain Con in Orlando.

Inspired, the trio sets off and makes some dubious travel companions along the way, yet eventually arrive at their destination.

At the convention they encounter Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock), and in a twist of fate, become her new apprentices. Kevin decides to call the tribe and tell them to head to London to start serving their new master, who is as unstable as she is evil.

Scarlett and her husband Herb (Jon Hamm, have devised a plan so cunning and diabolical that nothing can stop them from carrying it out, nothing that is save for the Minions.

The film takes a bit of time to get up to speed but is as charming and funny as you would wish for. The Minions generate plenty of laughs and there are tons of Pop Culture gags that fill the entire film.

For me the 3D animation was a nice touch and really added to the enjoyment of seeing the lovable characters in action and the new cast members did a great job adding to the lore of the Minions.

The film moves along at a steady pace and keeps the laughs coming throughout. With “Despicable Me 3” due in 2017, it is not out of the realm that we could see more solo minion outings in the future. This is a move that would bring plenty of smiles, as there is much to like about this film.

4 stars out of 5

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