Review By Don Guillory

Some of us at one time or another have considered contacting a loved one who has passed away or making contact with the “other side” through séances, Ouija boards, or even the recent trend “Charlie, Charlie.” We don’t consider the ramifications of our decisions and what the outcome could be. With the third installment of the Insidious franchise we bear witness to this possibility for one young lady. Quinn Brenner is suffering from the recent loss of her mother and desperately wants to contact her. In her attempts to contact the departed, she reaches out to Elise Rainier, a medium who reluctantly assists her, yet warns her of the dangers in pursuing this endeavor. Unfortunately for Quinn, the warning comes too late as her attempts to reach out to her mother have opened up the opportunity to be contacted by other spirits. As a result, Quinn finds herself being pursued by a dark entity whose only purpose is obtaining her soul. With the help of Elise and Quinn’s father, it becomes a fight to rescue her soul from the clutches of this dark and mysterious figure.

The film’s story and plot are very simple to follow and with it being a prequel has a few connections to the other movies within the Insidious franchise. Viewers of the other two films will catch on to some of the references and allusions to the previous movies. With this being said, it makes for a good stand-alone film and does not require its audience to watch the other films in order to understand the issues and follow along with the story. There are more than enough suspenseful moments in the film and it will keep audiences at the edge of their seats waiting to see what awaits them in each scene. Despite its PG-13 rating, it does a great job in finding a balance with the suspense and gore. There are a multitude of misdirections applied and creative moves to frighten the viewers which will have audiences looking over their shoulders as they walk back to their cars from the theater, questioning every sound that they hear, and keeping all of the lights on in their homes for safe measure.


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