This week, we discuss the passing of artist Herb Trimpe – which, as the comics used to say, rhymes with “shrimpy.”

A longtime Marvel artist, Trimpe had a distinctive comic book style – as opposed to gritty and realistic – and he became the preeminent Incredible Hulk guy. He did G.I. Joe, Godzilla and a bunch of other stuff, but Hulk was my favorite, and I think I have every issue Trimpe drew.

As you’ll hear on Special Ops, Trimpe put in decades at Marvel, only to be unceremoniously dumped. The other thing you’ll hear is my lame verbal attempts to describe his work. Podcasts: not a visual medium.

Here’s what he looked like.


The photo is from, and the page has so many great images from Herb – as well as his New York Times piece that I read from on Spops – that you should go there and check out the site.

Here’s the famous Wolverine cover from 1974. Where’s the Wendigo movie everyone’s been clamoring for?



When I was a kid, I cut this back cover off of one of the oversized Hulk editions and put it on my wall. I was too young to understand that one does not mutilate one’s comics. Or to question Bruce Banner’s weird thing for purple trousers.



Try to imagine the willpower it took not to buy this 96” x 96” print at It’s $359.99, so maybe you don’t have to try so hard. (But they have sales all the time, damn it.) I’m not entirely sure what kind of message. Let’s just assume it’d be what those in academic circles call “a real panty-dropper.”



And who didn’t have this Hulk Power Record? That’s from issue 171, by the way.



And because I like to give ‘til it hurts, you can listen to (and watch) it right here:

I could do this all day. But finally for now: This isn’t one of my favorite Trimpe pieces, but how many comic artists have done a Rolling Stone cover? Answer me!



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