Recently there has been talk of some games being too short and lacking features that were expected by many gamers. However quality games also can have their share of issues for certain segment of the gaming population. For example, Bloodborne has been a well-received title with both critics and the gaming public.

That being said, many people of also commented on the difficulty of the game, and you can see numerous how to survive lists and other tips for the game frequently populating many gaming sites.

Has anybody the displayed Dark Souls series will tell them, that is a frequent occurrence in game and you just have to learn from your mistakes, except that death will happen often, and move on. For many this approach also works with Bloodborne but it has made you wonder if perhaps the game is too difficult and as a result, to frustrating for many gamers. Prior to being released, many people said that Bloodborne was not a game for the mass-market as its gameplay type and challenges definitely will not appeal to the who need to be able to set the difficulty levels, and play through game in 6 to 12 hours. I have witnessed people struggle for over an hour just in the early stages of the game as they attempt to figure out the best course of action to complete challenges and survive.

To me this is the mark of great game design in that they make you earn your accomplishments. I remember how I found the first two Dead Space games visually appealing, deeply engrossing, but at times, highly frustrating. With that being said, I also remember the euphoric feeling I had when I finally did overcome a challenge and completed the games. I had a sense that I had truly accomplished something and that I had earned the victory rather than simply putting in a required amount of time and doing just enough to make it to the end.

Bloodborne is the game that proudly challenges gamers to step up and accept the challenge and in doing so, earn a well-deserved pat on the back upon deletion of the game.

Alien Isolation is another example of a very good game that too many was considered too difficult. The developers eventually added a nightmare setting to go with the novice setting to make the game more approachable for the novice gamers or to give those who become frustrated with numerous deaths another option to help mitigate their continued frustration and failures.

I appreciate the fact that developers have crafted a game that many ways is the gamer’s game and that you better come prepared and determined in order to have success. I also like the fact that the reputation for game is being challenging is going to entice people looking for a challenge who otherwise wouldn’t play a game of this type. My only concern is that you may see legions of frustrated folks rage quitting but due to the quality the game, they’re going to regroup and come back because it would only motivate them for.

So in the end if people asked me if Bloodborne is too hard, I say to them it is what it is, a highly challenging game, with amazing graphics and gameplay mechanics that will challenge you at every turn but in doing so make you a better gamer. So if that is too hard then perhaps this game simply is for you but everyone who owns a PS4 should at least step up to the plate and take a shot as it is truly one of the more challenging games you’ll find.

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