Last week, we got on a tangent talking about the current season of House of Cards. I was struggling to get through the 13 episodes. And whether he was just being contrary or genuinely does have horrible taste, Rev insisted that he liked it.

Since I feel that I owe you completion –  at least in this sense – here are my thoughts put down in a review for Seattle Weekly. Which means that I made it to the bitter end. And it’s seriously bitter.

Even if you’re like Rev – and god help you if you are – and enjoy the third season, you have to admit that the tone is much different than in the first two seasons. Especially since the show runner, Beau Willimon has acknowledged it.

Some people have been giving HOC the benefit of the doubt and arguing that since Frank Underwood is president now, it has to be different. I say they took something that worked well and made it worse. Now we’re just left with relentlessly lousy people who aren’t even naughty fun to spend all those hours with. Some of what they get up to (and the time spent on it) is so ridiculously crappy that I wondered if Willimon was giving us all an F.U. (also Frank’s initials) for being dumb enough to binge-watch the stuff.

By the way: the review contains lots of spoilers and a few swear words. Because those are fun, especially when Rev isn’t able to bleep ‘em out.

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