By Don Guillory

There are few films that give an audience the chance to take a look into themselves and into its characters as Horns offers. The film, stars Daniel Radcliffe as Iggy, who is being accused of raping and murdering his longtime girlfriend. When face with the constant accusations and rumors surrounding the murder, he becomes disillusioned with the world, his family, and his friends. As a result, he begins to grow horns and see the darker side of people as they begin to reveal who they are to him. He takes it upon himself to use the horns and the new ability they afford him in order to find his girlfriend’s true killer. In addition to searching for the killer the audience sees where the film and the story allow for a deeper analysis and critique of society, as a whole.

At times the story does seem to drag on and have trouble in keeping the audience fully engaged due to some inconsistencies. The film tries to establish itself as a love story, a mystery, a biblical allegory, and a dark comedy. The problem is that in trying to do all of these, it creates a confusing identity. The basic premise and storyline is good enough to grab the audience’s attention and keep one’s interest. The performance of Radcliffe and the supporting cast is decent despite the way that the film allows for a mixed identity. The film altogether is quite original in its approach to the way that it allows the audience to have insight to characters through Radcliffe’s interaction with them. In a way, it makes one wonder what secrets are being hidden from us from each other on a daily basis.

3 stars out of 5

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Destiny Announces The Dark Below Expansion


Beneath the surface of the Moon, a long-forgotten enemy wakes . . .

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Gears Up to Expand the Destiny Adventure on December 9

October 29, 2014 – Activision and Bungie today announced that Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Belowwill be available for download on December 9th. The Dark Below marks the first expansion to the universe since Destiny’s launch in September and features all-new weapons and gear to earn through new story, cooperative and multiplayer activities.

Destiny was created as a living universe, which has allowed us to improve the experience post launch in real-time,” says Harold Ryan, President of Bungie “It also gives us insight into the things players are looking for in new content. We’ve seen from feedback that people want new activities, gear and weapons, and of course the immensely popular Raid. The community helps shape our development decisions and that’s really important to us.”

Assets Available – https://www.webcargo.net/delivery/view/id/7056726/dp/0logNCSJ5gCP70hsxp

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will feature the following:

  • New weapons, armor, and gear to earn, including Legendary and Exotic items
  • Light Level cap raised to 32 and five additional Bounty slots added
  • New story quests and missions – after years hiding amongst the Hive shadows, a new character, Eris, has come forth bearing an ominous warning: The Hive seek to summon a god, Crota, to destroy the Earth. Find Eris in the Tower to take on special quests that include three new missions where you will increase your Light and earn new rewards
  • New cooperative Strike, The Will of Crota, pits you and your Fireteam against Omnigul as she works to expand the Hive army at the command of her master, Crota
  • Three new competitive multiplayer arenas
    • Pantheon – set deep within the Black Garden in an ancient Vex temple that features Vex-designed landscapes and tight corridors
    • Skyshock – an old interplanetary defense array that offers both vehicle and infantry engagements
    • The Cauldron – an abandoned Hive ritual site that offers close-quarter combat
  • New six-player Raid, Crota’s End, set deep within the depths of the Hellmouth
  • PlayStation platforms will also get access to an exclusive cooperative Strike, The Undying Mind, and more (timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015)

Players can purchase The Dark Below individually ($19.99), or as part of the Destiny Expansion Pass($34.99), which includes both Expansion I and Expansion II, on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

The community can interact directly with the developers at  www.Bungie.net,www.facebook.com/Bungie and @Bungie on Twitter. For game information, they can visit www.DestinyTheGame.com and follow the official Destiny social channels at www.facebook.com/DestinyTheGame and @DestinyTheGame on Twitter.

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Super SCARY Book Hugger – a Halloween Special!

It’s a special Halloween edition of SUPER HEAVY BOOK HUGGER – we’re calling it Super SCARY Book Hugger! Tiffany Ostling gives you a treat: 13 of her favorite scary stories and books! Great for teachers and students, as well as book fans everywhere!

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but Marvel’s Phase Three movie lineup looks like a mostly-fulfilled Ultimate Childhood Wish List for me.

I say “mostly” because there will always be things that don’t quite match up exactly with everything I wanted, but you won’t catch me complaining. When I was growing up, we didn’t have much in the way of comic-to-screen translations. Sure, we could watch THE INCREDIBLE HULK or WONDER WOMAN (and some others), but those shows barely passed muster to begin with. I think many of us enjoyed them simply because they existed, not because they were faithful to our beloved source material.

Things are different now. We live in a great age of entertainment, and superhero movies have become the biggest crowd-pleasers in all of history. There are times when my mind is still blown by the very idea that an AVENGERS movie even exists; the fact that I absolutely love it without apology is a secondary miracle, a happy accidental bonus.

Maybe I’m an easy mark, and therefore quicker to defend these movies and the people who make them, but I am consistently irritated when I see people who insist on nitpicking the wealth of great comic book entertainment we have to look forward to. Marvel’s giving headline movies to CAPTAIN MARVEL and THE BLACK PANTHER; a woman and an African man, respectively. Moreover – and don’t you send me any snippy letters about this, because I’m 100% right, and you know it – these are two characters who are a thousand miles away from being household names. We’re damn lucky that anyone even considered making these films.

Expanding the diversity of their character types is a big step in the right direction for Marvel, but still there are complaints. The rest of you can whine and moan all you’d like, but just make sure you wrap it up before the theater lights go down, because I like to watch my superhero movies without distraction…

Xbox One Cuts The Price, But Still Likely To Lag Behind Sony Into 2015


As we predicted earlier, Microsoft is being very aggressive with their marketing and promotion of the Xbox One as they prepare themselves for the upcoming holiday shopping season. On the strength of very positive early reviews for Sunset Overdrive, and with the release of The Master Chief Collection coming up , Microsoft is reportedly dropped the price of the console to $349.99, which currently gives it a $50 advantage in price point over their chief rival Sony. Anxious to close the gap in sales between the units expect Microsoft to be very aggressive and how they promote the system especially with the latest Call of Duty due out soon were Microsoft has paid a rather lavish and sizable marketing fee to ensure that the Xbox logo is prominently displayed upon all adds for the game.

Sony on the other hand is taking a more reserved approach coming off several months of sales dominance and with only Little Big Planet 3 do as their prominent exclusive, Sony appears to be willing to base holiday sales on the reputation of the unit and the promise of several exclusives in 2015 as well is impressive array of third-party titles that are currently available and will be coming soon.

I would be shocked if Sony does not try some kind of price adjustment or bundling as remember this is like a very fancy game of chess just with very high stakes. Microsoft is made their move, now Sony will make a counter move and wait for Microsoft to respond accordingly. The big question for consumers is whether or not this is enough to close the gap significantly between the two systems. If Sunset Overdrive comes for the PC has many believe it will, it does help lessen the incentive for person to get the Xbox One in order to play the game. Now I know some people say you don’t get a consul simply to play a game but the release of an exclusive for a consul is a huge driving factor in the purchase of the system. Look at the releases of Titanfall, and Infamous: Second Son. The first time the two consoles had exclusives up against one another. Microsoft saw a bump in sales but so did Sony despite being saddled with the fact that they could not get enough consuls to the market in order to meet demand. The fact that Titanfall was also available on PC and would be released soon to the Xbox 360 platform also took much of the incentive out of the need to go buy a new console to play the game.

Now at this point fans of Sony and Microsoft who have the financial means to do so, have likely already picked up the console of their choice. The strategy is to bring in those who have not yet purchased a console, or to get those who have a rival system to purchase one from the competition.

For me personally, it is all about the exclusives as I play most of my gaming on the PC so the consoles are mainly for exclusives and reviews,

Sunset is a good game and it’s very fun, but even at a reduced price it is not worth the investment in an Xbox One in my opinion. Halo fans will show whether the upcoming collection is a big enough incentive but I do wonder if many fans of the series already own an Xbox One which will basically mean that the collection will sell well but may not be the bump in unit sales that Microsoft is expecting. I would suspect Halo 5 will be the one that really has the push behind it to justify purchase of the new system. Sony meanwhile is taking a counterpunchers mentality as they know that both Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 are sitting there waiting for release in February which would be an ideal time for consumers to spend some of the holiday cash and gift certificates that people have accumulated.

Buckle up folks, this is can be one thrilling ride into 2015.

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