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Gotham and Orange Is The New Black are two of the hottest shows on television. We got to speak with one of the stars of both series, Clare Foley as she talks about becoming Poison Ivy to us and more.

How did you get into acting and what would you say was your big break?

I got into acting when I was about 4 years old. My older brothers were acting and I decided to jump in! I would say my big break was when I was 8 years old and I did my very first movie, Win Win!

Looking at Orange is the new Black, how did you prepare for the role and did you get to meet with the older version of your character?

For the role of Young Piper I thought about how to be a goodie two shoes because she always followed her teachers and parents rules and was a good girl at that time. Taylor Schilling was so kind and when I was shooting although we obviously weren’t in the same scenes she made a point of coming to find me to say Hi

Looking at Gotham, how did you get the part and how much did you know about the character prior to shooting?

I auditioned for Gotham like any other part, and I only found out that it was for the young Poison Ivy when I booked the role.

Are you a fans of comics and if so, what are some of your favorite characters and comic films?

Yes, I am a fan of comics. I would have to say my favorite characters are just all the ones from Batman!

What type of research have you done for the role and how would you describe preparing to play IVY to some of your past and present parts?

To research for Ivy I read the first comic book she was mentioned in and watched a few movies. To play Ivy is very special because I have never played someone who is already a famous character. There is already a story for when she grows up so I just need to show how she got there.

Do you have any fun moments from the set or interesting facts that you can share with us?

No, I do not have any stories I can share at the moment but I can say I hadots of fun and there is a great cast on the show.

How would you like to see Ivy grow and develop as the series unfolds an do you have favorites to work with amongst the cast?

As the series unfolds I would like to see anger build up in Ivy to show why she becomes a mean person. Although I don’t have a favorite cast member to work with, David Mazouz (young bruce wayne) and I are very close off set.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to play soccer, hang out with friends, play outdoors, and most importantly, just be a kid!

What are some of your favorite, shows, bands, movies, and video games?

Dance Moms, Fifth Harmony, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and MindCraft

In regards to acting, what would you say is the thing that suprises people the most about it?

Many people ask me if acting is hard. For me at least acting comes very naturally so it is fun!

Do you have a preference for film or TV as I understand the demands on TV are much more intensive?

TV or film I am blessed for any role or opportunity.

Looking ahead, what can we look forward to from you and if you could do any part with any cast or director, what would you want?

I have a movie coming out next year called The Great Gilly Hopkins that I had a great time filming! The cast included my friend Sophie Nelisse, Glenn Close, Kathy Bates and Octavia Spenser.

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