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Published on October 3rd, 2018 | by The Prodigy


The table gamers want, AND the table gamers need

By Uncle Chris

Even the most casual board game enthusiast knows that table space is often at a premium when you need a place to play.  Dining room tables are great, except that you need to clear everything off to set up a game and then tear the whole thing down again when you return the table to dining mode.

Enter Wooded Realms and their “2nd Breakfast”, a board game table that will replace your current dining room table. You will be able to use your table as a primary dining, working, crafting, and gaming space, without compromising the space in your home or apartment. “2nd Breakfast” looks like a normal table, until you decide it’s time to play.

On the most recent episode of BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance, we had a conversation with Nathan Martin of Wooded Realms and he told us all about their latest Kickstarter campaign, aimed at solving all of our gaming space problems.

Check out BJ Shea’s Board Game Alliance Epi. 42 below!

An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table. 100% hardwood, now available in two sizes!  Cup holders!  Dice trays!  Chairs that include storage space!  5 different table stain options and 7 different fabric options for the game surface and chair pads!  “2nd Breakfast” has it all!

Check out the campaign page, I guarantee you’ll be impressed, even if you’re not in the market for the perfect gaming table (and who isn’t, really?)

Stay nerdy & play nice!

2nd Breakfast Kickstarter Campaign:


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