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Published on December 12th, 2017 | by The Prodigy


BJShea’s Board Game Alliance. Epi. 23 “Holiday Spectacular” part 2


Host: “Director” Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


Playing now:

Chris: Massive Darkness, Slaughterball


Josh:  Queen Domino. Risk Star Wars


Sean: Kingdom Death Monster,  Odin’s Ravens, Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind


What’s on you wishlist this year?

Chris: Fallout Board Game, all the expansions for Firefly, Discworld games


Josh: Charterstone, More Star Wars Stuff


Sean: Azul, Quest For Eldorado, Stuffed Fables, Mission Red Planet


The “Hotness” from BGG





Title: Kill the Unicorns

Company: Morning Players


Blind bidding & set-collection where players hunt unicorns. Awesome cartoony & comedic art. Unicorns make toxic farts, so they must be captured. It’s science.

Base pledge: $20 / $35 for base + expansion & bonus characters

Funding Goal: $147k of 10k

Ends: Dec 21



Title: Nemo’s War – Nautilus Upgrade Expansion

Company:  Victory Point Games


Nemo’s War is a solo-player board game of underwater exploration and combat. Search the oceans, fight other vessels, brave the hazards of the seas, find mysterious treasures, and travel around the world in your quest for knowledge and vengeance. Designed by Chris Taylor, designer of the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 video games.


Base pledge: $5 for Expansion / $59 for game + expansion

Funding Goal: $92k of 30k

Ends: Dec 21…


Title: Core Space – Sci Fi Miniature Skirmish

Company: Battle Systems LTD


Tactical sci-fi skirmish game with modular 3D terrain, for 1-6 players. Characters fight amongst each other and the “purge” – a group of synthetic life forms bent on destroying all life. Single missions and campaign settings, with characters able to level up to become better between games.


Base pledge: $112 for base / $161 for game + expansions

Funding Goal: $160k of 94k

Ends: Dec 16

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