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Published on February 24th, 2014 | by The Prodigy




Our own BRANDON JERWA has been interviewing some top-notch comic talent for the DYNAMIC FORCES website, and we’re happy to share those interviews with you!

First up: WALT FLANAGAN, star of AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and co-creator of the CRYPTOZOIC MAN comic from Dynamite.


1. I’d like to start by asking you to pretend that it’s sometime in the early 90s, before Clerks started production. If someone had told you that the movie would be a huge indie sensation spawning several sequels, you would go on to draw mainstream and indie comics (including a couple of BATMAN books), and eventually you’d have a TV series about your life running a comic shop…how would you have reacted?

I imagine my younger self being would be a bit skeptical of any one of the things you listed let alone all of them.


2. I left out “award-winning podcaster” in the first question, because telling you that part of the future would involve explaining what the internet would be, and what a podcast is. That would probably be a little bit like Marty McFly pretending to be an alien when he visited his dad in the 1950s. Even with a love of comics and science fiction, would you have had a big enough imagination to accept ideas like that when you were younger?

It’s pretty wild I admit but maybe not from a tech point of view with the concept of the internet and all that but more so because I’m a person who isn’t all that comfortable talking and interacting with people, so it is a bit of a head scratcher that I’m on a podcast let alone one that has won awards.


3. After you and Kevin Smith teamed up for BATMAN: CACOPHONY, you returned for THE WIDENING GYRE. That series needed a break after six issues, but it’s scheduled to return as BELLICOSITY in 2014. How’s that coming along?

The series is half done so we are just waiting for Kevin to clear some space on his schedule to finish it up…but I’m very excited for people to see how it wraps up.


For the entire interview, visit the dynamic forces website by clicking the link below!

Bonus link! Walt’s pal BRYAN JOHNSON was on the main GEEK NATION show, and we named his interview one of the BEST OF 2013!


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  1. Mike Seibert says:

    Great interview!
    I’ve been enjoying Brandon’s interviews for Dynamite immensely and I’m glad to see a taste shared here on the BJGN website!
    A request on behalf of the six Special Ops fans: Could you publish Brandon’s interview with Mark Rahner?
    I really got a kick out of that one and it reads just like an episode of SpOps!

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