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Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Gareth Von Kallenbach


Turtle Beach Brings Sound Quality & amp; Value for WiiU

By Gareth von Kallenbach

Turtle Beach has long been known for high-quality gaming headsets and accessories, and Wii U owners can now experience this quality first hand with the NLA and N11 headsets. The comfortable, black, units plug into your Wii U remote and offer sound quality often found in more expensive gear.

With a list price of $29.99 The NLA offers a 4ft chord and 40 MM speakers with a neodymium core. This means that gamers now get comfort, quality, and performance with an easy to use product. It simply is plug-and-play as there was no difficult configuration needed. Playing in games like ZombiU, Super Mario Bros. U, and Nintendoland, the NLA captured every sound in high-quality stereo. The microphone easily flips up and down to be available at a moment’s notice and is positioned to capture your commands without getting in the way.

For those looking for more power, then the N11 is the unit designed for you. The comfortable headset has a suggested retail of $49.99 and the unit fits over your ears without pinching, and like the NLA, easily connects to the Wii U controller and provides high-quality audio for all of your gaming needs.

Powered by 50 MM speakers, the unit also offers a 4ft chord but sports a range of 20 Hz-20 kHz for your audio. While the treble on some games did seem a bit high, the comfort of the unit during long gaming sessions was a very welcome feature.

The microphone is very good in terms of design and placement. Though the games available for me to review were not optimal for voice commands; I was able to test out the audio broadcasting and receiving abilities and found they performed well. Both units are compatible with the 3DS unit and are a great option for gamers looking for a good headset without breaking the bank.

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