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Published on March 14th, 2013 | by BJ Shea


BJ Shea’s Geek Nation – Episode 246 — Special Ops: Westworld & Jurassic Park

Mark Rahner starts it off by remembering one of his more favorite con pranks; Mark and Brandon discuss the Orson Scott Card drama; then they talk about Westworld and it’s link with Jurassic Park.

About the Author

1. What geeky things did you grow up with? Major Matt Mason 2. How did you get into the geek world? My uncle gave me a Fantastic Four comic book as a kid and loved it. 3. What is your favorite geek genre? Sci Fi. Comics are a close second. 4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Force field because I am a coward and no one can hurt me. Plus it would keep out Rev’s noxious odor. 5. What is your favorite geek convention? PAX West 6. DC or Marvel? Marvel. 7. Superman or Batman? Batman 8. What is your all time favorite geeky TV series? Star Trek 9. What is your all time favorite geeky item? Sonic Screwdriver 10. What is your all time favorite geeky game? Starflight 11. What is your favorite way to spend your spare time? Watching Sci Fi movies 12. Kirk or Piccard? I can’t choose, love them both! 13. Star Wars or Star Trek? It’s close but I have to go Star Trek. 14. What is your favorite board or card game? Magic The Gathering 15. How long have you been a geek? Since I was a 5 year old geekling in training 16. What is your favorite TV show? Lost in Space 17. What is your favorite movie? Star Wars Episode 4; it just blew me away! 18. Light or Dark side? Light Side 19. What color would your light saber be? I want a new color, green and blue so Aquamarine 20. What is your favorite Arcade game? Dragon’s Lair 21. Justice League or Avengers? Avengers 22. What kind of D&D character are you? I’m a Magic User 23. What is your favorite superhero? Spiderman 24. What is your Favorite game console? (The In Televison) 25. What is your favorite “non superhero” comic? Transmetlopolitan

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